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  • - Baby It’s You
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Sean Koh / ESKOH

Mr. Sean Koh is the founder and Chairman of Koherent Incorporated, a private holdings group with diverse interests in entertainment, technology, energy, healthcare, real estate, fashion, and finance. Sean’s serial entrepreneurship began when he was a 17-year-old freshman studying at the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Growing up singing in the church and having recorded and toured his first professional music project at the age of 16 throughout America and Asia, Sean launched Koherent Records an independent record label that promoted Philadelphia underground hip hop music to local college campuses and beyond. Striving to empower others to reach their full potential, Mr. Koh adopted the industry name “Eskoh” which stands for “Every situation kan offer hope” and made his first impact investment in providing opportunities for street rappers to pursue a productive career in fulfilling their musical aspirations while delivering unprecedented live entertainment for university students. In conjunction with his record label, Eskoh – as the Philly community called him – also developed a successful clothing brand “Ova Da Wall” with a talented designer who was formerly incarcerated yet went “Ova Da Wall” to fulfill his passion and skill for fashion with the support of Eskoh. “Ova Da Wall” became a local and national trend with celebrities and publications calling “Sean Koh the next Sean John”. This is the point in time when Sean realized that with the “Koherent” formula of vision, people, resources, time management, and product/service offering, businesses could sustainably run themselves which Sean continues to apply today across all his portfolio companies. Interestingly enough, Sean’s approach to building sustainable business models follows his approach in writing hit songs which also sustainably run themselves with the “Koherent” combination of melodies, rhythms, lyrics, and soul. Essentially running his initial ventures out of his dorm room, Sean’s unique story caught the attention of filmmaker Josh Smith who followed Sean’s life in the award-winning documentary “Hello Sean Koh” which won the 2006 Philadelphia Film Festival. In 2007, by the end of his Wharton studies with an individualized concentration in media and entertainment (which Sean created with the school’s board of trustees); the Daily Pennsylvanian newspaper dubbed him the “Renaissance Man”; Koherent Records joint-ventured with major American record labels and music producers; and Eskoh went on to perform in a televised broadcast with millions of viewers as a finalist on the popular NBC television program “Showtime at the Apollo” stunning the tough crowd at the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York, where many of the great singers such as Michael Jackson, James Brown, and others graced the stage before him. Despite his early success as a performer, Eskoh – feeling that America was not yet ready for the first Asian American male superstar – developed Asian-American Amy “Ailee” Lee who went on to become a top K Pop artist in Korea. Following his early work with Ailee, Eskoh advised major Korean entertainment companies and structured partnerships between the best of Korea and the best of America in music production, reinventing the K Pop sound to appeal to the global market and scoring top hits on the international charts. Becoming an early bridge builder between Asian and American music and identifying the cultural translation that was missing between the two regions and vital for business expansion, Sean applied his Koherent formula to a growing number of Asian conglomerates and institutions that wanted to expand to the American market and, having diversified his holdings beyond music and fashion, Koherent Records became Koherent Incorporated which Sean continues to run today. Over the past ten years, Eskoh has managed, produced, and marketed successful music projects with multiplatinum and Grammy talent in America, Asia, and Europe while Sean Koh has developed enterprises into superstars in their own right similar to what he is done in music. Sean also speaks at reputable events throughout the world for worldwide dignitaries inspiring them reach their full potential and, in 2011, launched a $100 billion impact investment community with Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the United Nations. Convening world leaders together to tackle some of humanity’s most pressing challenges, Sean is also cultural ambassador for Worldz ( and other high-profile organizations. In addition to music and inciting global change, his past times include golf with corporate executives, famous celebrities, and heads of states. At the end of 2016, Rebirth Entertainment CEO and multiplatinum Grammy producer Karriem “K Mack” Mack who had worked with Eskoh over the years encouraged him to finally pursue his own solo debut, feeling American fans were ready for Eskoh’s swag as an Asian-American crooner. Others agreed and Eskoh’s title track “Beautiful Lady” (2017) has already become endorsed by Women’s March empowering millions of women to feel their true beauty. Expect more to come soon.


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